3 Barrow Fitness Test For Female

3 Barrow Fitness Test For Female

Barrow Fitness Test- In 1953, Dr Harold M. Barrow created the Barrow Motor Skill Test for partial fulfilment of a Doctor of Physical Education’s degree at the Indiana University School of Fitness, Physical Education, and Recreation. Dr Barrow is currently the Department of Physical Education director at Wake Forest College, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The purpose of his research was to develop an easily administered motor ability test for college men. For classification, instruction, and calculation of achievement, the outcomes can be used.

This study aimed to compare the overall group scores of 196 students who failed the Barrow Motor Skill Test given to all primary physical education students at Kansas State University with their initial scores during the fall semester of 1966-67. A second objective was to compare the enhancement made among swimming, weight lifting, and gymnastics.

Harrold M. Barrow analysed the general motor health of college female and specified the individual’s grading norms.

¬†test things used in barrow fitness test are the following: –

(1) Zig-Zag Run (2) Wide jump standing. (3) Ball tossing medication

(1) Zig-Zag Run(barrow fitness test):

Purpose: In multiple planes of motion, measuring strength, velocity, speed, and body control are the purposes of barrow fitness test zigzag run. The test also tests the regulation of smaller extremities.

Equipment: Measuring tape, two watches with stops, five cones


(i) Set up a route of 3 by 4.85 m, marked on the floor with coloured tape, and position cones in each corner.

(ii) Behind the starting line, the subject. The subject begins running in zigzag mode on the ‘Ready go’ signal.

(iii) The issue runs one lap around the zigzag route as quickly as possible.

(iv) Unless the issue rounds all cones at the end of a single complete lap. Require him/her to rest and then finish the retest.

(v) Record the time to complete one full lap along the route to the nearest 9-second tenth.

Detailed Explanation: Here, the subject begins by just standing straight on the running command. The issue is required to run at a prescribed pattern stated to him or her as quickly as possible, as this can be done without gasping. The subject is required to take three complete circuits. The stopwatch starts when there is a common given to run, and the time is stopped immediately when the issue goes on to cross the finish line.

The time gets recorded to the nearest tenth of the second. The subject is required to do a proper warm-up before the zigzag run. Also, the issue is necessary to wear appropriate accessories such as sturdy shoes, stretchy and comfortable clothes. The administrator is required to give a demonstration of the course pattern before the run begins.

Barrow Fitness Test
Barrow Fitness Test


(2) Standing Long/Broad Jump(barrow fitness test):

Purpose: The purpose of the barrow fitness test standing broad jump is to calculate the legs’ explosive strength.

Equipment: Tape measuring unit, non-slip flooring, mat


(i). Stand behind the starting line that is labelled.

(ii) Slightly apart feet

(iii) Rhythmic swing your arms back and forth and bend your knees.

(iv) the runner takes off and lands with a forwarding push using both feet, arm swing, and bent knees.

(v) As far as possible, the subject attempts to land.

(vi) landing without falling backwards on both feet.

(vii) There are three attempts permitted

Detailed Explanation: On the ground, a take-off gets marked. The subject is expected to stand behind the take-off line, where the feet are expected to be several inches apart. The issue swings the arm and simultaneously bends the knees to take off the jump in the long jump pit. The subject is given three trials. The distance gets measured right from the take-off line to either heel or another part of the body expected to touch the ground nearest to the take-off line. Each jump is measured, and which is the best is recorded. One of the essential things that the subject has to keep in mind is to do proper warm-up exercises before the long-standing long/broad jump to avoid any injury in the long run.

Scoring in barrow fitness test: The calculation is taken from the off-line take off to the nearest landing touchpoint (Back of the heels). The best of three attempts is registered, and scoring is achieved as per the rating scale.

Barrow Fitness Test
Barrow Fitness Test


(3) Tossing test for the Medicine Ball Put(barrow fitness test):

Purpose: To calculate the strength of the upper body and explosive capacity.

Equipment: 3 kg boys’ medicine ball and 1 kg girls’ medicine ball, measuring tape, safe place, and assistant.

The Procedure:

(i) Thoroughly warm-up

(ii) To stand behind a designated line with both feet

(iii) Keep the two-handed ball overhead.

(iv). As far as possible, throw the ball.

(v) Take three attempts and have the best score registered. Scoring: Calculate the topic’s distance, and the grading is performed according to the criteria.

Detailed Procedure: In this case, the subject is expected to stand between the restraining line 16 feet apart in total. In girls’ case, a medicine ball of 1 kg is provided, and in the case of boys, a 3 kg medicine ball is put. Once this is done, they are expected to attempt to put the medicine ball as far as possible without actually crossing the restraining line.

He or she must hold the medicine ball right at the junction of the shoulder and neck. Post this; the ball should be put straight right down the course. A total of three trials are given to him or her. The best of the three attempts is recorded. Post, this the distance gets computed just right near the foot. A put in the subject that commits a foul does not get scored. However, if all the trials get fouls, the issue should try to make a proper put.

Barrow Fitness Test
Barrow Fitness Test

The Barrow motor fitness test aims to establish an easily administered motor ability test for male college students. For indoor use, a test battery consisting of the medicine ball package, zigzag sprint, and standing broad jump was recommended. A full test battery was recommended for outdoor use.

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