How To Know Your Skin Type In Just a Few Simple Steps.

How To Know Your Skin Type In Just a Few Simple Steps.

How to Know your Skin Type

Have you ever felt jealous after seeing someone’s skin? Well, glowing skin is not less than a blessing for a woman. But what if we don’t know what type of skin we have? While deciding your true skin type, it’s imperative to look at the big picture and take into account all of your skin’s needs, not simply a couple of things that trouble you most. Understanding your actual skin type is the way to sound, gleaming skin, yet how to know your skin type?

How to Know your Skin Type-

Did you know every skin type reacts differently to each ingredient? Understanding the skin type causes us to locate the correct items that can deal with your plumping skin nimbly and make it immaculate. The skin is as extraordinary as you are, yet comprehensively it can be categorized as one of these seven kinds of skin. Let’s understand the skin type in details-

Common Types of Skin- how to know your skin type

How to know your skin type is a OILY SKIN

How to Know your Skin Type

This skin type is identified by sleek, issue skin and shows the most extreme breakouts of the all over the skin. This skin type requires a cautious mix of AHA and BHA pore-clearing exfoliants, alongside germ-free botanicals to successfully decrease breakouts. You can identify oily skin by these given attributes- 

  • You will feel smooth to the touch and has a sparkling appearance. 
  • It produces oil in the T-Zone and the cheek zone. 
  • Pores are amplified and more noticeable. 
  • Inclined to pimples and skin break out. 

How to know your skin type is a DRY SKIN

How to Know your Skin Type

This skin type looks drained, needs shine and may have a loss of versatility. It requires stimulating fixings, firming peptides and a high grouping of AHA exfoliants to support cell turnover and even out the appearance. You can identify dry skin by these given attributes-

  • You feel tight in the morning. 
  • May have harsh or flaky patches or consistent breakouts all over the skin. 
  • Possibly bothersome. 
  • Dull and harsh appearance


How to Know your Skin Type

It creates some oil in the mid-year yet may feel dry or tight in the winter. This sort encounters reliable redness or rosacea and requires delicate exfoliants and alleviating sustenance to diminish redness just as forestall obvious indications of maturing and be a reason for anti-aging benefits

  • Dewy appearance.
  • No major skin issue

How to know your skin type is a COMBINATION SKIN

This skin type produces oil in the t-zone yet may encounter dryness or snugness somewhere else on the skin. This sort may become red and flush effectively and may break out from substantial lotions. It requires quieting, pore-clearing fixings like BHAs that won’t leave skin feeling dry. 

  • It is usually dry on the cheeks but oily in the T-zone area.
  • Amplify and Clogged pores (usually on the nose).
  • Possibly dry-mix (dry on the cheeks, normal-to-oily in the t-zone) or oily combination ( t-zone oil and dry to normal on the cheeks).


This skin type delivers some oil in the late spring yet may feel dry or tight in the winter. It requires high convergences of AHA exfoliants to support cell turnover and antioxidants agents to light up the appearance and forestall obvious indications of maturing. 

  • Responds adversely to numerous items, frequently slowing down or getting dry. 
  • May become red or hot when contacted. 
  • And have noticeable blotchiness/red regions. 


Do You Know The Difference Between Oily & Dehydrated Skin? – Katherine  Daniels

Dehydrated skin is brought about by outside components (climate and occasional changes), unfortunate eating routine, and way of life decisions (liquor or caffeine utilization). These variables exhaust your skin’s water content, bringing about a less flexible appearance. However, a key takeaway is that drying out is described by an absence of water – not oil; even slick skin types can get dried out.

  • Skin is noticeably dry and may have harsh or flaky spots; however it creates extreme sebum.
  • Sometimes often mistaken for oily skin due to oil production, and exacerbate it by utilizing drying items.
  • Should be treated as dry skin, notwithstanding oily appearance. 


Acne/Rosacea Treatment Tucson | Acne Scars Catalina Foothills

Flaw inclined skin or acne-prone skin is the skin that has an affinity to create comedones and pimples. It is regularly sleek and seems sparkling. This is on the grounds that the sebaceous organs produce more sebum than in other skin types. You can identify acne-prone skin by these given attributes-

  • Inclined to break out. 
  • Generally, mix to be sleek. 
  • But ,products easily cause skin inflammation to erupt. 
  • It tends to be brought by sensitivity or simple genetics.

No matter what is your skin type, be beautiful of your own but do not avoid skin concerns, as the skin needs the care to be beautiful and flawless. It’s best to find out what skin type you have and build your skincare routine around that. Always go for a herbal cleanser and exfoliation scrub, which have natural ingredients and prevent early signs of aging. 

I hope you got your answer about how to know your skin type. Now you can easily find out what skin type you have. And if you have any suggestions for me, do let me know in the comment box below. We will appreciate your suggestions. 

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