Usage of Onion Juice For Hair Fall And Then Multani Mitti To Wash It

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Usage of Onion Juice For Hair Fall And Then Multani Mitti To Wash It

With the world running the rat-race with newfound cosmetics and millions of brands competing, we tend to forget the age-old home remedies. We grow old, watching our mothers and grandmothers use the most absurd ingredients for their thick hair or pimple-free skin.

We might wrinkle our nose at the smell of these mixtures or think in our minds secretly that they have gone crazy for choosing such ingredients.

But we cannot help but stare in awe when we watch the results of their weird combinations. 

The ingredients for home remedies need not be rare; they can be the daily used potato for removing marks from your skin or cucumber skin to remove dark patches.

One other such remedy that can sound daunting but is marvelous when used is onion juice for preventing hair fall. In the currently polluted world, pampering your hair is a task, and the various shampoos and conditioners filled with different chemicals, do not seem to help. However, if you use onion juice for hair fall and then use Multani mitti to wash it, it can do wonders.

We prefer expensive treatments to care for our hair. However, if you choose this easy natural remedy, you can enjoy the thick black hair you have always fantasized about in dreams.

When it comes to hair fall, most salon treatments fall short, so we suggest you try onion juice in its place. If you can take its ghastly smell, you can see great results. 

Why Should You Prefer Onion Juice For Hair Fall?

Onion is known for its benefits, and usage of onion juice for hair fall can be helpful when used on the scalp. The following are a few of its advantages.

  • Onion is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-parasitic, and anti-fungal agent. It is known to be effective against any kind of infection, including dandruff.
  • It also helps in unclogging the scalp’s pores, leading to a healthy scalp that directly affects your hair growth.
  • Onion juice increases the enzyme catalase level on the surface of the scalp, which controls the hydrogen peroxide build-up, leading to a boost in hair growth.
  • Onion also provides nourishment to the hair follicles and increases the strength of the roots, thereby curing hair fall

You can also mix onion juice with other components, including Multani Mitti, to wash it off later. 

However, you need to note down a few tricks for preparing and using the onion juice on your scalp.

Preparing The Onion Juice

The procedure is easy as pie and only takes a few onions. Peel the scales and wash the onions in clean running water.

Dice them carefully, being careful, working in favour of non-contamination with dirt. Blend the pieces for 2 minutes straight, without pouring any extra water.

The resultant onion juice, in the form of elixirs. You can also grate the onions and squeeze out its juice.

However, you must use freshly prepared onion juice on your scalp for the best effects. Once the resultant onion juice is ready, you can move on to the next step.

Applying The Onion Juice

You can shove in your hands in the juice and spread it evenly on your scalp. We suggest wearing gloves for an extra layer of safety.

Leave no crevice on your scalp untouched, and let the juice reach every corner for the best benefits.

Leave the juice on your scalp for half an hour before washing it off. Use this remedy twice a week for the best results.

Leave no doubts that your hair will look heavier, shinier, and healthier. It will also cure itchy scalp and dandruff, besides hair loss. 

Putting onion juice on your scalp might test your nostrils but is suitable for your hair. It can smell, but the results will surprise you. Once you are done for half an hour and have allowed the juice to settle, you can apply Multani mitti. 

Why Use Multani Mitti To Wash your Hair?

Multani mitti has been in use forever since the time of Mughal queens. We have read about its benefits on skin, and its time we learn how it can affect our hair.  

  • Multani mitti can be extremely beneficial and will help in improving blood circulation. Better blood circulation equals healthier and fuller hair. This will help in lesser hair fall and better hair growth.
  • Multani mitti is a mild cleanser that not only cleans the pores of your scalp but also protects it. It keeps the scalp’s skin healthy and hydrated, reducing the risks of dandruff that result from flaky scalp cells.
  • Multani mitti can be considered a natural ingredient that conditions your hair, leading to less frizzy hair and more balanced and natural curls.
  • Apart from these, it also naturally strengthens your hair roots and follicles.

Thus, you can trust Multani mitti with the excellent health of your hair. However, merely using Multani mitti will not help when washing your hair with it.

You can always use another ingredient besides it, as it acts as an essential ingredient of a more significant mix.

Preparing The Mixture

Multani mitti has excellent benefits for your hair. However, it would be best to use another ingredient along with it while trying to wash it off. The onion juice acts as the primitive ingredient that has settled on your hair for about half an hour.

You need to mix the Multani mitti with yoghurt, mix it thoroughly, and add baking soda to the mic. Blend it till it becomes a frothy mixture. Once the concoction is ready, it is prepared for use on the hair.

Applying It For Washing And Conditioning Your Hair

Section your hair in small clusters and apply generous quantities of the paste on your hair with the help of a brush. Wear a shower cap to keep it covered for another thirty minutes before you can finally wash it off. Finally, rinse it off and clean your hair with a non-SLS shampoo if required.

Following that procedure will return you the beauty of your hair, that gets tarnished in this polluted environment, filled with dust and dirt. Use this once a week minimum to get results. 


With cleansing properties of the onion juice and Multani mitti together, they can lead to great results. Use it for yourself to note its benefits.

The all-time natural protectors are better than the hair products you use daily and will protect your hair.

Its time we look back at our mothers and their traditions of old home remedies that combine the easily found ingredients to create wonders for your hair and skin.

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